Priority Product Feedback and Support

Your support tickets and feedback are prioritized. Any feature requests from our Launch Partners will be presented in our weekly product planning meeting and discussed.


Early Access to the IrisVR Project Library (ETA Jan 1, 2016)

Starting in January, IrisVR will support a "Project Library" for launch partners. The library will cache your VR walkthroughs in a project database, and allow you to sort your VR experiences.


Unlimited "Collaborators" and "Viewers" Upon 1.0 Launch

When we launch IrisVR 1.0, we will base our pricing on the number of collaborators per project. As a Launch Partner, you can have unlimited users in your organization for the first year.



IrisVR will list you as a Launch Partner on any and all marketing materials of your choosing. Additionally, as IrisVR ramps up marketing efforts in 2016 your firm will receive preferential treatment at Iris-sponsored events.

Early Access to HTC Vive

We have several Vives currently in stock, and we will distribute them to our Launch Partners at the beginning of the program. The HTC Vive is a room-scale VR experience that is the highest quality to date.


Hardware Setup Consultation

We have preferred PC vendors, recommended technical specs, and a laundry list of tips and tricks to get VR running in your office. As a Launch Partner, Iris will work with your firm to establish a future-proof VR setup.


All File Integrations (Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, OBJ)

As we continue to develop IrisVR, we will expand the number of native file formats we support. As a launch partner, you will receive all file integrations for every project in your library.


Discounted annual licensing per project.

When IrisVR has its v1.0 launch, it will price based on an annual subscription per project. Our launch partners will receive a one-year 10% discount off every project they purchase.

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Call (617) 819-5628 or Email [email protected] to learn more.