Accurate Daylighting Studies in Prospect via Geolocation

Posted by Sam Al-Mutawa on Feb 5, 2018 3:22:42 PM


Being able to explore and understand your projects spatially is one of the strengths of virtual reality in the AEC industry. What makes the use case even more compelling is the ability to confidently make informed design decisions based on the tools and visuals available. One such tool is Sun Settings in Prospect, which makes use of location data ingrained in your files to produce accurate direct lighting in VR for daylighting studies.

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Optimizing Your 3D Model for VR Success

Posted by Brian Russell on Sep 26, 2017 5:01:25 PM

Imagine this: you have an important client meeting tomorrow and your boss is asking for a perfect VR experience to show off your latest trillion square foot project. The computer can barely rotate the model on screen and you don't know if you can view your 3D model in VR. What do you do?

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Getting Started with Virtual Reality and Immersive Review

Posted by George Valdes on Sep 15, 2016 11:36:16 AM

This post is the third of four on how quality assurance and quality review processes can be augmented with virtual reality and immersive review.

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