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Employee Spotlight: Leah Kovach

Posted by Daniel Evans on Nov 25, 2019

This month we’re putting the spotlight on Leah Kovach, our Senior Marketing Manager at IrisVR. Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Leah is now NYC-based and has been leading marketing efforts at IrisVR since April 2017—that’s 2.5 years!

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3 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For AU 2019

Posted by Daniel Evans on Nov 6, 2019

On November 19th, over 10,000 people will come to Las Vegas for Autodesk University, “the conference for those who design, make, and build the world around us.” For the building and media creation industries, AU is one of the largest and most important conferences of the year.

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How This Construction Company Uses Prospect to Streamline Coordination Meetings

Posted by Daniel Evans on Oct 16, 2019

Gilbane Building Company is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, and has more than 45 office locations around the world. Gilbane provides a full slate of construction and facilities-related services for clients across various markets—from pre-construction planning and integrated consulting to construction management, general contracting, and facility management. The company was founded in 1873, and is, to this day, a private, family-owned business. 

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Oculus Connect 6: 5 Key Takeaways From the Conference

Posted by Daniel Evans on Sep 25, 2019

Each year, the VR community comes together for Oculus Connect, a developer conference in San Jose, California that explores the future of both Oculus and virtual reality in general.

This year, Oculus took advantage of the conference to make a number of notable announcements, ranging from triple-A games (like Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 2, Asgard’s Wrath, and Stormland) to long-rumored hardware releases (like finger-tracking for the Oculus Quest and the ongoing development of Facebook’s AR glasses). 


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AEC Tech Predictions for 2019 - Did They Come True?

Posted by Daniel Evans on Sep 18, 2019

Back in January, we gathered quotes from 16 thought leaders in the AEC space about what they predicted for the growth and expansion of technology in 2019.

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Evaluating VR Solutions? Be Sure to Ask These Questions

Posted by Daniel Evans on Jul 31, 2019

Every year, more and more engineering and BIM/VDC professionals are making immersive model review and coordination an important part of their everyday workflows. That’s because they’re finding that this technology leads to strong ROI, including:

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Windows MR Headsets - Where Are They Now?

Posted by Daniel Evans on Jul 25, 2019


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Employee Spotlight: Maurice van Swaaij

Posted by Daniel Evans on Jul 17, 2019

Today, we're putting the spotlight on Maurice van Swaaij - a Lead Software Engineer here at IrisVR. Maurice has been working with computer graphics for almost 30 years, having previously contributed to 3D animated films like Ice Age before joining IrisVR this past fall. 

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Oculus Rift vs Rift S: Should You Upgrade?

Posted by Daniel Evans on Jun 26, 2019

On May 21st, Facebook made a huge splash in the world of virtual reality by releasing two new headsets - the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S

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3 Takeaways From The Venture Reality Fund's 2019 VR Industry Report

Posted by Daniel Evans on May 21, 2019

Each year, The Venture Reality Fund releases a VR industry report that highlights the most important companies in the field. As noted by VRFocus, this year they included 550+ companies with the top revenue in the VR industry - including IrisVR!

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