How To Add V-Ray Stereo PanoramAs to the Iris Mobile App / by Shane

For instructions to create V-Ray stereo panoramas, click here.

Do you have V-Ray stereo panoramas that you want to show your clients in Virtual Reality? With the IrisVR mobile app now you can!

Access the Iris Mobile Cloud

To begin, you must go to and sign up for an account. Enter your name, email and password and then click 'Sign up'. Once you’re signed up, you will land in the IrisVR Product Lobby. Click “Access Now” in the Mobile Viewer section.


Create a Pin and Download the Mobile App

Please set your User Pin to something you can easily remember. You will need your User ID and User Pin momentarily when we open the app.


If you haven’t done so already, download the app from the iOS or Android app stores. A native GearVR app will also be released soon.

Upload Your Panorama

For instructions on creating an V-Ray stereo panoramas, click here.

Click "Upload A Pano" and then choose your file. You will see a loading icon and your pano will preview in the upload window. Click upload to complete the process. Once your file is processed it will display in your mobile library online and in the Iris Mobile App on your phone.

Using the Mobile App

Once you download the app, place your phone inside the Google Cardboard and take time to explore the default panoramas to become comfortable navigating the menu in VR. These default renderings we’re generously provided by our friends at Chaos Group. Next, select the login function by looking at the login button and pulling the trigger on your Google Cardboard to activate the click.

Using the same look and trigger method, input your User ID and User Pin number.

Once this is complete your IrisVR account is registered to your Google Cardboard and you can begin uploading your stereo-panoramas!