Go to Great Lengths with Prospect 1.6

Posted by Leah Kovach on Aug 24, 2017

Prospect 1.6 is live! This update contains several visible features that will help our users assess certain details in VR, as well as changes to our product infrastructure. We are also excited to announce that we now support Revit 2018!

Here are a few additional new features included in Prospect 1.6:

Measuring Tool

Measuring Tool

Prospect 1.6 marks the debut of our in-VR Measuring Tool, which allows you to measure objects within your model. This allows you to quickly verify sizes, distances, and clearances in real scale, leading to a better understanding of the space.

Camera Viewfinder

Camera Viewfinder in VR

Our new Camera Viewfinder tool shows a preview of what your photo will look like before you take it. In-VR photos will now capture the exact details you want to highlight for more efficient design review and better documentation of your model.

Scale Model Mode Updates

Prospect 1.4 and Prospect 1.5 both contained major updates to Scale Model Mode - so does Prospect 1.6.

You can now adjust sun settings!


Geopipe New York City 3D Model Thank you Geopipe for sharing this model of New York City. 


This tool is especially useful for sun and shadow studies on your site and around it. You can now have a better understanding of how your built space will impact and be impacted by its surroundings. This information helps inform critical decisions with lasting implications.

Upgrading Existing IVZ Files

Because of the previously mentioned infrastructure changes, you’ll see a slight change in Prospect after you upgrade to 1.6. When you try to launch a file, you’ll see “Upgrade” instead of “Launch”. Simply hit “upgrade” - this is a one time process that makes your existing file compatible with our new 1.6 software (once files are upgraded, you’ll see “Launch” again). Learn more here. 


Want to learn more about Prospect 1.6? Read our release notes.

Want to try these new features? Start a free trial today.



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