How A.T. Chadwick Uses VR to Track Issues and Speed Up Learning

Posted by Raj Dayal on Mar 23, 2023

A.T. Chadwick is a mechanical contracting firm serving the Delaware Valley area. The firm has played a role in the construction of many of the Philadelphia skyline’s most iconic buildings. Today, the company continues in that tradition while foregrounding new, modern construction practices.  

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Topics: VR Case Studies, VR collaboration, Architecture Engineering Construction, AEC

For Security and Scalability, Check Out the New Meta Quest for Business (Beta)

Posted by Jordan Lipton on Feb 16, 2023

The new Meta Quest for Business (beta) is now available for U.S.-based businesses and employees. According to Meta, the subscription service (currently free during beta) makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale Meta Quest headsets within your company. This is great news for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms seeking to add or grow VR usage within their teams.

In past iterations of this program, our AEC customers have shared concerns about enterprise-level support, data privacy and security, and the options to have custom applications to support business needs. With this new program, Meta aims to address these issues and more. 

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Topics: VR collaboration, Architecture Engineering Construction, Meta Quest for Business

3 Ways to Use VR for Meetings in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Posted by Nathan Cenovski on Dec 1, 2022

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry is faced with a new reality of work, with the trend of remote and hybrid work showing no end in sight. Still, facilitating genuine and meaningful interaction among peers and clients is paramount for establishing culture in today’s work environment.  

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Topics: VR collaboration, VR meetings, Architecture Engineering Construction

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