Virtual Reality in the Workplace: 4 Ways to Set Up VR for Every Office Layout by Leah Kovach

One of the most common questions we get asked is how IrisVR sets up virtual reality for various different office spaces and user requirements. We’ve tried pretty much every configuration: at our office we have 20 Oculus Rifts, 5 HTC Vives, 6 Gear VRs, and about 500 Cardboards. 

After a few years of using these HMDs in practice, we can recommend 4 optimal layouts for your Vives and Rifts. 

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Prospect 1.5: The Release You’ve Requested by Sam Al-Mutawa

Our ultimate goal is to help you communicate powerful ideas spatially through virtual reality. Every new feature is meant to make your designs easy to understand for all parties involved, putting the unbuilt at the user's fingertips so virtually, it’s almost tangible. Our team has been hard at work making improvements both visible and invisible to users.

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The Sky Is Too Blue! Explorations Into Global Lighting & Shadows by Shane

On November 1st we released Prospect v1.0 after almost two years in development. This was a huge milestone for IrisVR - it was the culmination of our team's work across many codebases, and in our early tests we were seeing vastly improved framerates and 2x faster loading times. What we hadn't anticipated was the seemingly unanimous frustration from our users regarding the addition of a blue tint to their experiences.

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