Multiuser Meetings for Prospect are Here!

Our team is proud to announce that Multiuser Meetings for Prospect are here. 

Multiuser technology allows all parties invested in a project to join the same VR Meeting with their own headset. Up to 12 individuals can meet in VR no matter where they are in the world.

This technology eliminates the need to travel to team or client meetings, streamlines review sessions, and helps individuals better communicate about all aspects of a project.

Below, we highlight a few important features of Meetings and how they will positively impact your workflow.


Everyone Sees The Same Thing

The Prospect features you’re already familiar with work exactly the same in Meetings - everyone sees the same markups, changes to Sun Settings, and flagged elements. This brings everyone onto the same page during your VR walkthroughs.

Sun Settings


Leading Meetings is Easy

Meetings are a great way for everyone to communicate their visions for the space and discuss important design features and options. While in VR, it’s important for your sessions to be cohesive and organized. You can easily gather or go to other participants, which keeps the group unified and progressing through the space together. This is key in large models of stadiums, hospitals, and other spaces with multiple stories and complex geometry.

Sectioning Stadium

Anyone Can Access A Meeting

The free Prospect Viewer allows anyone with a fully immersive VR headset (like HTC Vive & Oculus Rift) and compatible computer to join your Meeting. This allows you to incorporate more voices into the conversation about your space, ensuring well-informed results every time.

Prospect Viewer


How to Get Started with Multiuser

Prospect Pro Plus users have the ability to create a Multiuser Meeting and invite others. Communicating in the virtual world - as one unified team - has never been easier.