Coffee Shop VR Demo


My first task as a new intern at irisVR was to measure and model Maglianero Café in the Karma Bird House. After finishing the 3D work in SketchUp, I was able to import the file into Unity for VR integration and lighting. This process is full of workarounds and tricks, many of which I will explain in an upcoming tutorial series illustrating the workflow between 3D and the Oculus Rift. Posts will include:

  • SketchUp modeling advice.
  • Listen to JayZ (and make sure there is no z-fighting)
  • Cleaning up 3D files before export.
  • Using 3ds Max as an intermediary tool.
  • Adding more textures.
  • FBX to Unity lessons.
  • Lighting and Culling in Unity.
  • The final build for VR.